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        **** MISS MINI ****

Catrese Green (West) was born in Rocky Mount, NC and grew up in the small town of Sharpsburg, 5 miles further south. She got her pseudonym from her grandmother who nicknamed her “Minnesota Fats” because she was a chubby baby. The nickname was shortened to Mini and has stuck with her over the years. Although both of her parents were gifted singers in two different bands, Mini began singing with her father in a Top 40 band called “Electric Image” in 1990. The band traveled throughout the southern United States performing for many different types of audiences. With the band she was exposed to and performed music from the R&B, Country, Blues, Jazz Southern Soul and Beach genres. She has covered songs by Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Shania Twain, Alicia Keyes, The Supremes and various Southern Soul music and Beach music artists.


She now has her own band, Pressure Point, that performs her original music as well as cover tunes. She has been touring throughout Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.  Her album entitled “Can’t Stop Me” was released in December of 2015.  The hit song “Ole School Style” as well as other singles from the album, are receiving national airplay on Beach and Southern Soul music stations.  “Ole School Style” was #1 on Soul Dog’s Smokin’ Top 45 Southern Soul Hits countdown for the months of April and May 2016. She has performed at the Annual Blues Festival at Carter’s Lounge in Warrenton NC alongside greats such as Roy C. and Maurice Wynn. She also performed at the opening ceremony for the Carolina Beach Music Awards in 2016.


She has also done countless club engagements, most notably, Deckerz Bar and Grill in North Myrtle Beach, which has won the award for best show club at the Carolina Beach Music Awards for 2014 and 2015, the HAWG PEN which is THE best club in Raleigh NC for those 25 and up who love Southern Soul music.  She was also nominated for BEST FEMALE VOCALIST, BEST CLUB SONG and BEST DEBUT in the 2016 in the Daddy B. Nice Southern Soul awards alongside industry veterans such as Ms. Jody and Nellie Tiger Travis.

 Garfield Fleming



We all know and love him, Garfield Fleming, former member of The Legendary group The Delfonics for over 24 years. His rich soulful voice is a testiment to the many years of dedication to his craft.

                            Published Author

           Dallas Cleveland


         Dallas a new and highly motivated writer with great ambition of one day becoming a bestselling Author on the New York bestselling list.  He is inspired by some of the legendary literary giants in the publication field. With new visions, Dallas has set out on a quest to bring to the readers some real life experiences, along with some unbelievable wild erotic and bazaar tales that will thrill and entertain the adventurous side of most readers.

      Dallas was born in Alexandria, VA and raised by his grandparents Hellen and Joseph, who lovingly inspired a strong Christian belief, helped set the foundation of morals and curiosity. At the age of fourteen Dallas relocated to the small town in Westmoreland, VA home of George Washington the nation’s first president. Right outside of Westmoreland is the town of Tappahannock, VA home of the controversial R & B crooner Chris Brown.

        Upon finishing high school, and wanting more out of life, Dallas enrolled at Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA in order to further his education; while there Dallas embarked on a sociology degree which began his life experiences that would lead him to become one of the extraordinary writers of his time.  

        Dallas at a very young age was always fascinated with human interest stories and enjoyed the fictional genre as well, which sparked the creative portion of his brain and set the wheels rolling. For Dallas “EROTICISM” has always held a burning interest, and with a little help from his imagination, and a few world-wind romances that go far beyond the normal, Dallas was inspired to write “Black Rose Bares No Thorns.”   


When a reputable local news reporter covering a public interest story stumbles upon a shady land deal, he winds up slain in a convenience store parking lot. While the shadow of his murderer originates in the dark, dangerous underbelly of Richmond's inner-city streets, a murky trail leads right up to some very prominent and influential members of the city hall. When all hope appears lost, Dexter Carrington, a handsome, well-renowned attorney, is asked to step in and defend what may be one of the most dangerous cases he has encountered yet. Driven by ambition and a powerful lust to win, and win at any cost, Dexter takes on the case. However, Dexter is troubled by skeletons from his past, battled with inner demons and psychopathic murderers that surface along the way, making his life a living hell. Many women have also paraded in and out of Dexter's life, searching for relationships, pressuring him for the pleasure of his enormous manhood, preventing him from ever experiencing true love. Still, like a rare and precious black rose, Dexter manufactures his relationships pretty much in the same way; however, he still has strong Christian morals and beliefs despite the fact that he is weighed down by numerous women hopping in and out of his bed, while also struggling with ethical odds with his best friend, Marcus, a notorious drug dealer. Their longtime friendship is tested time and again, causing conflict for Dexter, what with knowing Marcus's shady business. Also, there's a baby momma that has a strong interest for interracial relationships, causing Dexter to feel betrayed by the one woman he thought he could trust. Dexter has to decide whether to honor his oath to his corrupt client while clinging to the attorney privileges or do what he feels is morally right as an innocent man's life dangles in the balances. Will Dexter find it all too much for him to bear, or will he add another notch to his belt?

Volume One



As the day passionately vanished slowly into the dark abyss of night, I watched the most beautiful, intense sunset take place in the brisk autumn skies as it seemed to unlock some of the most thought-provoking mysteries of life. I stood motionless in total awe as I took in the pungent smells of a lovely mid-autumn evening gradually drift off into the nippy air as it mingled with Mother Nature, seeming to share together a secret chemistry. At that very moment, a vision of all the women I’d slept with seemed to surface in my head. My heart began to flutter as I started wondering if it was regret or pride I felt that I’d hit so many women. A man can get confused when examining or comparing quality and quantity when it comes to sex. Still, I wasn’t sorry, nor did it bother me that I had been with a countless number of women. Did the fact that it didn’t matter mean I didn’t have a conscience? Or was I demented, with no care for a serious relationship? Or maybe I was only concerned for the pursuit of the next……….


Dallas Cleveland


Copyright © 2017 Dallas Cleveland

All rights reserved

First Edition


New York, NY

First originally published by Page Publishing, Inc. 2017

ISBN 978-1-63568-673-9 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-1-63568-674-6 (Digital)

Printed in the United States of America


Five Stars


De' Bella

Amazing, downright astonishing!

"Black Rose Bares No Thorns is guaranteed to appeal to your passionate, erotic appetite for more, overwhelming one’s senses while satisfying one’s urges for romance. An emotional thrill ride that will send one into a smoldering fire of titillating lust."


Top customer reviews

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars


By Trané N'Chel


Dallas Cleveland is THE best new author to emerge on the literary scene to date. I've been following this author from the time of the conception of Black Rose Bares No Thorns. His debut project does not disappoint!!! I was blown away by the cover art alone, but when I opened the pages, there was an undeniable gravity that pulled me in. The characters are very well defined, the plot is thrilling and the ending, well, I can't wait to read the finale. A little birdie told me there's going to be a sequel. I'm excited!!! I would recommend this masterpiece MORE than once. Read it for yourself. You'll see what I mean....;-)


***** 5.0 out of 5 stars


By Amazon Customer


I really liked this book because it was intriguing and captivating. I just could not put it down once I started reading it. The main character Dexter meets his match for sure!!


Ray, Goodman & Brown

Ray, Goodman & Brown, formerly the “Moments,” hit the top of the pop and soul charts with the ballad "Love On A Two Way Street."  It began a string of major soul hits including "If I Didn't Care," "Gotta Find a Way," "Sexy Mama" and another soul chart topper, "Look At Me (I'm In Love)."   

Later releasing an album on the Polydor label featuring ballads with rich harmonies, such as "Inside of You," "Slipped Away," "This is the Way Love Should Be," it created a whole new following of fans.  The album, led by the #1 crossover hit "Special Lady" was a masterpiece!  It proved to be just what soul music fans were looking for, as the LP shot to the top of the charts.

They went on to produce the follow-up albums, Ray, Goodman & Brown II, with hits "Happy Anniversary" and a cover of the Platters' "My Prayer." On the EMI label, they released the big ballad "Take It To the Limit!" RG&B continues touring extensively with the Stylistics, the Chi-Lites, and other classic soul groups. Their ability to transcend their collection of hits when performing live often makes them crowd favorites (especially the women) in most major cities. Their sexy, upbeat, exciting act generally steals the show in the multi-group tours and has kept them busy and in demand.  

In 2003, Ray Goodman & Brown released not one, but two new albums; Intimate Moments and A Moment With Friends (available on the group's website).  The group was contacted by Alicia Keys to provide vocal support on her album, Diary of Alicia Keys.  Ray Goodman & Brown's backing harmonies created the foundation for the album's first release, the wonderful 6 minute smash "You Don't Know My Name."  They have since performed on several occasions with Keys, who is to be given great credit for recognizing and honoring this wonderful vocal group. And in 2009, the group began working on a pilot for a radio show called "A Moment With Friends."

Ray, Goodman & Brown is consistently one of the most reliable and enjoyable soul groups among the legends of soul music.

The Delfonics

The Legendary, Grammy Award Winning Delfonics are a pioneering Philadelphia soul singing group, founded by lead vocalist William Hart. Their notable hits include "La-La (Means I Love You)", "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)", "Break Your Promise", "I'm Sorry", and "Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide from Love)." Their songs have been used extensively in film soundtracks, including Quentin Tarantino's 1997 movie Jackie Brown, in which "La-La (Means I Love You)" and "Didn't I Blow Your Mind" underscore the pivotal relationship between the characters played by Pam Grier and Robert Forster. Their song "Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide from Love)" was used in the video game Grand Theft Auto V on the fictional radio station The Lowdown 91.1. Their songs have been sampled extensively by various hip-hop and rap artists including: The Wu-Tang Clan, Fugees, Deltron 3030, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Boyz II Men, Missy Elliott and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. In addition, their songs have been covered by numerous other performers, including Aretha Franklin, The Jackson 5, Patti LaBelle, New Kids on the Block, Fugees, Todd Rundgren, Prince, Swing Out Sister and The Manhattan Transfer.


Blue Magic is an American R&B/soul music group, and one of the most popular Philadelphia soul groups of the 1970s. Blue Magic was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1972 when former member of The Delfonics Randy Cain brought in singer-songwriter Ted Mills to do some writing with the Philly-based WMOT production company to create a new band. The group was one of the earliest acts produced by Norman Harris, a Philadelphia recording veteran. The group's harmonies were supported by the MFSB studio house band. Their first early song release in 1974 was "Spell" which went onto the Billboard R&B charts at number 30 (it was written and co-produced by Mills). Their second release became their first Billboard US Top 10 hit single, "Sideshow". It was awarded a gold disc by the R.I.A.A. in August 1974.[2] It climbed to #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the R&B chart. A follow-up, "Three Ring Circus" also sold well, reaching #36 in the pop chart and #5 R&B. MFSB guitarist Bobby Eli wrote both "Sideshow" and "Three Ring Circus". Their debut self-titled album was released later in the year. Because their first three singles releases were slower songs, the group became known mostly for their ballads.

              The Temprees        

They have an unmistakable sound, a visually timeless, stylish look and a music history of love ballads that has continued for over forty years. Yes! Memphis’s own, “The TEMPREES,” whose professional music career began in 1970. After being signed to the WE PRODUCE label, their first album entitled “LOVEMEN,” was a highly successful trendsetter and spawned their hit song, “Dedicated To The One I Love.”

This Rhythm & Blues cover song by The TEMPREES, made many listeners love to love and love to be loved! Originally recorded by the “5” Royales, it also was a classic hit for the “Shirelles.” Other highly played songs by The TEMPREES include, “LOVE’S MAZE,” “I’M FOR YOU-YOU FOR ME,” “EXPLAIN IT TO HER MAMA,” “LOVE,…CAN BE SO WONDERFUL,” “IF I COULD SAY WHAT’S ON MY MIND,” “WRAP ME IN LOVE,” “OUT OF MY REACH” and “A THOUSAND MILES AWAY.” “GIRL I LOVE YOU,” another song by The TEMPREES, became a cover song for well-known recording artist, "ALICIA KEYES," entitled, “TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR.” It quickly turned into a hit song for Ms. KEYES and increased the notoriety among a new young audience for The TEMPREES.

“We put our hearts and souls into our songs,” The TEMPREES often say.

The TEMPREES continue to entertain vast audiences around the world. This talented trio brings to the stage a soulful mix of choreography and singing. Original members, Harold “Scotty” Scott and Deljuan “Del” Calvin, share the spotlight with new member, Solomon “Sol” Young.



Sister JJ


Joedrell Benjamin looks around her surroundings as she prepares for another play, her 8th so far. This is a long way from where she started; born in Petersburg and raised on the mean streets of Baltimore, she is used to having to survive the harshest of conditions. If you ask, she will tell you of how her desire to write came when she was a child in the 5th grade. It came to her as a poem; just a chance to express to the world what was on her inside. No one listened to her because her life was on a different path and this path lead her to dangerous encounters with law enforcement. It wasn’t long before the introspective Jay, as she was called; found herself behind bars for possession of drugs. She was the victim of poor choices, just like the others around her. But unlike many others, God had a plan. “For years I never had God on my mind,” she said.” “My life was filled with only the desire to survive and I did what I needed to do to make sure I did just that.” In the year of 2000, she heard the call of God over her life and became saved. “For the first time in my life I found peace, she said.” ‘I had my own thoughts, dreams and desires. It was now time to find her place in the kingdom.  It started with her first play “Resurrection of a Lost Soul.” This was Jay’s opportunity to show the people the work that the Lord had started in her. On her opening night, Jay was concerned of the outcome of her literary child. She soon was amazed at the sight of a packed house; she knew this was where she belonged. Now looking to the present she can see that God was with her all along. Since that earlier time Jay has seen seven more of her productions on stage. She has also seen the birth of four children and one grandchild. She takes great pride in teaching them the lessons of patience and peace-of-mind that were so hard for her to learn in her earlier years. Now she sits at her desk in her R.A.G. Girl Entertainment office and strategizes her next move. I have a new play that I am most proud of, she said with a mischievous smile. It is called “The Prodigal Son’s Journey Home.”  It’s the modern interpretation of the Biblical story of the prodigal son. It is a story that was designed to strike in to the hearts of the modern youth and teach them that God’s love always prevails. This story is not just about a misdirected young man and his journey to a redeemed life. It is the story of a playwright who lost her way and had to take the long way home. On this journey she learned how to love, laugh and learn. When you experience her plays you will see that it was worth the trip.

Secret Weapon

It is amazing how often in life we end up far from where we start. Best friends Skool (Ollie Riddick Jr.) and Sir-El (Ellis Squire Jr.) are a prime example of that. No strangers to the danger of the streets they come forward to deliver a powerful message full of compassion and redemption. Originally they started out seeking the good life just as everyone else. The parties, bright lights and late nights held them firmly in its grasp. But after an epiphany for both men; jail for Sir-El and crashing hardships for Skool, they both made a conscious decision to dedicate themselves to witnessing to the world through their music. Their symbol SW stands for Secret Weapon. It is also the best way to describe how they use the carefully crafted street proverbs and thumping bass of their contemporary hip hop gospel sound. Inspired by Gospel rap artists like Canton Jones, the truth and BBJ, they have produced a sound that moves as well as educates. When Sir-El and Skool speak to you it is impossible to hear their words and not feel the passion they have for evangelism. Sir-El is quick to tell anyone within earshot that "this journey is not about money; it is about souls." Skool says, "this opportunity to connect with a young audience is all about introducing young people to the Lord he serves." They both agree that there must be a bridge for this generation because they are not raised in the church; a situation that both of the young men know all too well. Ellis was baptized in the church but never really got to know Christ until he was 25 years old. Using the solitude of incarceration to get to know Christ intimately, he recognized the need to fulfill the calling on his life. Skool tells a story about how he got saved in Germany while in the military. "I couldn’t continue to live the way I was living." "I knew that if God didn’t stop me I would die." After crying out to God for help, it came in the form of a fellow soldier that they affectionately called "Slim Shady." Now their lives are a testament of how God has the ability to use adversity to shape the destiny of his creations. If you doubt it is destiny, all you have to do is listen to the music. But be careful while you are tapping your feet; you might get saved. Amen!

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