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We visited the VA beach area in July for family vacation. My Husband and I decided to attend the Delfonics show at VA LIVE Entertainment Complex as we've never been there before. We were a bit concerned with the appearance of the lady taking the tickets up-fron as she was not appropriately dressed, in our opinion. The decor of the room where the show was held needed a little attention. We were delighted to see the Delfonics, however, there seemed to be a problem with the sound as we could not here them clearly through a few songs. Eventually the sound got better, though still not crystal clear, but was ok. The drinks were a bit pricey at around $9-$10! We paid $35 for our table seating near the front. We do encourage/support other shows with artists such as The Delfonics.


Mariah & Herman Y. 


We had the privilage to attend one of StarChoice Bookings & Concerts' recent events. We really enjoyed the professional atmosphere and the great entertainment that was presented. We will definately attend other events and will tell our friends about your company. "Thank you, for making our anniversary one of the most memorable in our lives." 


M. Family



My husband and I sat  in the second row and enjoyed every minute of the entire show. The sound was  awesome! We need more concerts like these. Thank you StarChoice Bookings & Concerts. 


Henry & Katherine A.



The show started a bit late, but the host was so entertaining, we forgot about the lateness and really had a great time. The staff was very courtious and professional. Please keep us informed as we will definately attend more of your shows. 


Tammy & John D. 


I was in town visiting family and friends for the weekend looking for something to do. A friend told me about the concert so I went. It was surely worth the money. I grew up listening to the Delfonics, but never got the chance to see, or here them live. Needlessly to say, it was my first time seeing them live. Oh  boy,  it was a show indeed! It's surely one for me to talk about. I guess you can see how excited I was buy my comments. I truly enjoyed myself. Great job! 


Sonya N.



The venue could have been on a more elegant scale. However, the quality of entertainment and the way eveything was handled in presenting the concert, showed that the promoters and venue staff were well in control. All-in-all, we had a very nice time. We would attent again. Well done!





I attend concerts on a regular, so I guess you could say that I went in with the mind-set to compare. Except for the venues' high prices on the drinks, everthing else was great. It would be nice to have resonable prices on the drinks to accommodate the patrons. 


M. T.



Blue Magic is my all-time favorite group. I saw them in Delaware two years ago and love the concert. It was great to hear that they were going to be right here in my hometown. I jumped at the opportunity. Once again, I was not dissapointed. I love those guys! The songfs takes you back to a time when love was real. Thank you for a wonderful show.


Casey W.


We need more shows like this. Please keep them coming. 


Thomas F.



Classy event!





We recently attended you Valentine's Sweetheart Ball and was blown away. You guys did a fantastic job organizing the event as it was beautifully decorated. The show was great! My friends and I were having the time-of-our-life, laughing and dancing. We haven't had that much fun in years. Thank you for bringing the adult atmosphere back to the area. Please keep us informed on when and who you plan to bring next. Were there!


Pria and friends



The Sweetheart Ball was a nice elegant touch to cap off the weekend. I was looking for somewhere to spend the evening with my boo and StarChoice came through in a big way for us. We heard friends talking about the event and was able to get our hands on some flyers. We handed out a few to family and friends and it was on! The show was jammed packed, wall-to-wall. The dance floor was huge, and the band was awesome! In all, we had a wonderful night.


Thank you for a fun filled night out.

Marcy D and Hubby




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